Kriaritsi, Sithonia, Halkidiki (or chalkidiki) map location
Map Location of Kriaritsi, Sithonia

Kriaritsi is located in the Sithonia region, Halkidiki, Greece (where you can find many real estate offers), which is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Greece, with sandy coasts and crystal clear beaches.
Kriaritsi is one of the few places that has maintained an atmosphere of a natural reserve, which is beautifully complemented by sumptuous sea landscapes and panoramic views on the islands Limos and Agios Efstratios, and on blooming Sporades – Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skiathos on the south-west. While there is not much greenery right next to the shore, Kriaritsi is surrounded by a looming forest on the opposite side. If you trace the coastline it appears quite uneven, due to the existing sea cliffs, but the sea entrances are safe and accessible and the sandy coastal strip of this natural reserve will let you bask in the atmosphere of tranquility, to fully enjoy the unparalleled charm and beauty of Halkidiki.

Kriaritsi beach stretch over more than 6.5 km. Its coast is truly remarkable, an ideal resort destination, it has a naturally sandy beach, without rocks; the seawater is crystal clear and reflects a rainbow of vivid colors in the sunlight, visually changing from bright turquoise to a deep navy blue. The emerald green shades of the forest, the deep blue sapphire tones of the sea, and the golden sand of the beach – all these are what make Kriaritsi the jewel of the region. You should definitely visit Kriaritsi beach!

The natural landscape of Kriaritsi mesmerizes with its variety of colors, changing depending on the season and the weather. In the mornings and evenings, the peaks of the rolling hills are capped with light blue mist, while spring and autumn bring bright colors to the region with blooming flowers and greenery, creating a truly magical atmosphere.


Kriaritsi – a unique urban project, the perfect opportunity to buy real estate in Halkidiki 
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With a total area of 1324.4 hectares and a highly developed infrastructure, Kriaritsi consists of more than 3000 land plots, 500 sq.m. each. The master plan of the Kriaritsi region, Including Kriaritsi beach. The master plan of the region, that has been approved by the government in the early 1990s, has been drawn up in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, taking into account all factors necessary to ensure comfortable living for the residents. Once the development plan was approved, there followed a large-scale project consisting of the construction of roads and transportation routes, the development of which cost about 50 million euros. Currently, the construction of transportation and engineering systems has been completed and the next step is massive individual housing construction. Functional planning of the region The masterplan for the development of Kriaritsi foresees a developed infrastructure and tentatively divides the region into neighborhoods, each having its own center with various stores and businesses covering everyday needs (shops, pharmacies), as well as a so-called regional center that has facilities offering education, healthcare, restaurants, and administrative and a sports area, and churches. If needed, the residents will be able to find alternatives to essential services that can be found in nearby villages Kalamitsi (2 km), Sikya (2 km), and Sarti (5 km). The region offers spacious public recreational areas, located along the coastline, around and inside the neighborhood which will have various entertainment venues, children’s playgrounds, and sports facilities. Along the coastline, 6.5 km of sandy beaches alternate with pristine secluded coves, where it is planned to develop piers and swimming areas, as well as a marina with berths and a yacht club.

Transportation and engineering systems of the region The transportation and engineering systems of Kriaritsi have been developed in such a way, so as to ensure a comfortable, safe, environmentally-friendly, and autonomous running of the region.

A bridge – which is the exit connecting to the national highway system. It will connect the village with major roads (Marmaris – Toroni – Sykia – Sarti – Vourvourou).

Bridges within the village. Due to the terrain specifics, it has been planned to develop 6 700-meter-long bridges within the village, to facilitate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

Street network in the village. There are local asphalt roads (35 km in length and 6m in width) and pedestrian streets that allow vehicle crossing (40 km in length and 3 m in width).

Raised sidewalks. Some land plots have cement sidewalks and stairs providing comfortable access to the property.

Telecommunications. There are telephone cables and high-speed internet access: each property has two cable lines, giving the residents a choice of a provider.

Power supply. The Greek National Energy Supply Company (ΔEH) has approved a plan that will provide power to the whole village.

Water supply. An autonomous system of water supply from artesian wells ensures that all the needs for drinking water and that for technical needs are addressed.

Rainwater collection system has a drain leading to the sea, it was developed to protect the buildings, properties, and the terrain from possible flooding.

Sewage network. There is about 40 km of underground pipelines with 11 local pumping stations, performing sewage processing into the bio-treatment station.

Bio-treatment station. The station is located in the region, but away from residential buildings. Activated sludge is used to treat wastewater, it is an eco-friendly and cost-effective method that helps avoid significant energy consumption in mechanized waste treatment. Bio-cleaning is an important factor, due to the fact that the EU requires that all settlements with a population of over two thousand people have water treatment units for sewage processing.

Fire safety. There are a developed fire prevention system and a system of a quick response in case of fire. Grekodom Development company is actively exploring possible infrastructure and planning development opportunities for Kriaritsi. It is acquiring land plots with the plan to further develop the area and construct buildings. At this stage, the company is attracting interested investors and future owners of villas in such a unique resort area.

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