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Kriaritsi, Sithonia – Unique Combination of nature and place to live

Kriaritsi, Sithonia – a unique combination of virgin nature and a comfortable place to live
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kriaritsi, sithonia
Kriaritsi, Sithonia

The compound Kriaritsi is situated in the North-East side of Greece, at the coastline of the Aegean. Kriaritsi currently is inhabited by the individuals who have purchased properties in this unique place. Residence construction here has been conducted taking into consideration the desires of the most demanding owners.


Kriaritsi is fairly called as the “ornament” of Sithonia, the middle leg of Chalkidiki Peninsula, which is known as the Poseidon’s trident to the lovers of Greek history and culture.

The god of the sea himself, Poseidon, angry at the ancient titans, threw his trident and of course, he threw it into the deep sea. As the legend says, three peninsulas appeared, covered by forests in turquoise color, wrapped in blue mist: Athos (where the Autonomous Monastery State is located), Kassandra and Sithonia.

Holy Mount Athos
Holy Mount Athos

Mount Athos is one of the most popular shrine destinations for millions of travelers who visit Greece each year. Many of them try to rent or purchase properties in Kriaritsi, because from this spot there is an excellent view of Mount Athos.

But the most important factor is Chalkidiki’s nature. The protected area is of unique beauty, has preserved the virgin attributes of ancient paradise. Despite the fact that neighboring Kassandra is one of the most densely populated and visited areas in Greece, Sithonia charms with the virgin quiet, greatly appreciated by anyone wanting to purchase properties amongst beaches and beautiful forest hills.

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Kriaritsi Beach Sithonia

You should not be discouraged by the numerous rocks and forests which go all the way down to the sea. The coastline of Kriaritsi is a broad inclined area adjusted for tourism or permanent residence.


The beaches of Kriaritsi are sandy. A large landline of white-gold sand is extended from the sea towards the inside of the peninsula up to the green forest hills which are raised behind residences. The travel guides for Greece depict, regularly, the sides of summer Sithonia which impress with rich contrast from blue-green waters and green hills. Spring and autumn in Sithonia are even more beautiful. The blooming of season flowers, trees and plants, even seaweeds with spicy perfumes, adds thousands of color shades to the landscape.

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